Work With Us

1CLML4O4X4No matter which of our services initially piqued your interest, we would love to more about the projects you’re working on. As a (primarily) one person shop, we aren’t able to take on large projects solo, but we have built relationships with other service providers and are willing to engage and manage your project, even when outsourcing some, or all, of the work.

After decades assessing business needs at a Fortune 500 firm, and conveying them to an array of technical resources, I am particularly skilled in this area.

I do, however, enjoy bringing your smaller projects from concept to fruition and specialize in small-business solutions. As the owner of one and partner in two small businesses, I understand the need to focus on building your business, not spending your day trying to figure out just the right words to convey your message, or even knowing what to tell someone you want.

I take a unique approach to my work in that I try to focus in on what you DON’T want as much as I focus on what you DO want. I often find it easier to meet a client’s expectations by avoiding things they don’t want or like and, it seems, it’s a whole lot easier for clients to tell me what they don’t like, than convey what they want. An interesting, but effective, approach to starting a new project: “Tell me what you don’t like”.

If you’re seeking writing services, editing, custom or stock photography, or looking to upgrade (or create) your online presence, I am available to assist you in achieving your goals.