Website Development

Blog social imageWe specialize in developing WordPress websites for small businesses, artists, bloggers, and the like who are looking for an easy to manage solution that allows them the freedom to make changes and additions easily.

We find that a number of businesses understand that they must have an online presence, but the barriers to entry are too steep in most cases. Very few businesses start out planning to spend $5-10K on getting a website up and running. Or, they find a reasonably priced startup solution and discover that in order to accomplish what they want to accomplish, say an e-commerce shop or to manage the site updates themselves, they run into a roadblock. Either the solution they chose can’t do what they wanted it to do, or the site is more complex than they thought and they end up not being able to manage it.

How do I know that this is what happens? Because it happened to me. More than once.

We offer highly-customizable business (or personal) websites that offer quality design at a moderate price. Known for creating sites that are easy-to-use, we design them with the specific intent of you managing the content. Meaning that you can add to or edit the site as you see fit. No need to wait for us to make those changes, nor to pay us to do them. You are in control. Of course, we offer on-going services too, but our primary intent is to give you wings and let you soar.

Our basic setup includes the creation of an E-commerce shop (an initial set of products, a shopping cart, shipping info, etc) and a payment integration using PayPal services — all right there in your brand new website. If you’ve got something to sell, we can make getting started easy.

Depending upon your requirements, and the availability of existing content (including writing and images), we can get your website up and running within a few weeks.

We work with clients to set expectations and understand their needs long before we put together a quote for services. We want our clients to be well-informed, happy and feel in control of their online presence. We also don’t ever want you to worry about not having access to your site’s hosting information, domain, passwords, etc. We highly encourage our clients to arrange their own hosting solutions, buy their own domains, etc. Of course, we’d be glad to help with this process, but we want you in control. If you’re looking for someone to “just do it for me, I don’t want to deal with it”, we might not be the right solution provider for you. There are plenty of other providers who will take on your project, lock stock and barrel, that’s just not us.

Does all that seem like just a little too much for you to take on? That’s OK, we can work out an arrangement that might not seem so daunting. Instead of simply getting you up and running and handing over the reigns completely, we’d be glad to offer our Monthly Site Management Package that ensures that site backups are being performed, WordPress and plugins are updated and that your site is still looking good (and staying healthy). This monthly checkup starts @ $40. Fees depend on the complexity of your website.

Here are a few links to client websites that we’ve worked on:


Fergus Falls Farmers Market

Full design from concept to implementation, mailing list integration, graphics, recipe management and search. 


Lake and Home Magazine 

 Full concept and design, magazine format, registration module, digital issue access, e-commerce solution for print subscriptions and back issues, mailing list integration, self-managed by client. 

ssk - closely cropped

Sweet & Savory Kitchen 

 Full concept and design, calendar, e-commerce solution for products, wholesale ordering module, accordion menus, mailing list integration, self-managed. 

PDV Circle

Perle di Vetro Designs

Full concept and design, full function e-commerce solution, payment integration, mailing list integration, graphics. 


Sockeye Line Drawings - transparent

Sunrise Salmon

 Full concept and design, registration module, e-commerce solution for salmon-share pre-orders, payment integration, deposit or pay in full option, mailing list integration, self-managed by client. 


FM Sports View We wrote the registration module and digital issue access portion of this site.

High School Sports View  Full concept and design, extensive client input on feature function, mailing list integration, digital issue restricted access, registration process, e-commerce solution, directory solution, video, self-managed by client. Content converted to FM Sports View website after a business acquisition.

Bea’s Life Basic blog with minimal function managed by an 89-year-old blogger. Yes, it CAN be that easy to get online.


Links to more projects in the works and coming soon.

Baking Nana’s Kitchen – tentative launch, late 2016