• Freelance Writing

    Copy writing and photo curation are the bread and butter of the freelance writing services we do. A good story needs a good image, or several, to accompany it.

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  • Freelance Editing

    A good editor can make you look like a rock star. Whether your products are print or digital, everyone needs a little editing in their lives.

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  • Website Development

    We specialize in developing WordPress websites for small businesses, artists, bloggers, and the like who are looking for an easy to manage solution that allows them the freedom to make changes and additions easily. We find that a number of businesses understand that they must have an online presence, but the barriers to entry are too steep in most cases. […]

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  • Photography

    From landscapes to food photography, we’ve got a wide selection of original images to choose from in our portfolio.

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  • Travel and Tourism Writing

    Whether you’re looking to refresh your copy or replace it with new content, we can help you craft the right message. Image services included.

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  • Work With Us

    No matter which of our services initially piqued your interest, we would love to more about the projects you’re working on.

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Corn Field Against Blue Sky, Near Dalton, MN

Coastal Creative is on the Move

In late Spring, early Summer 2016, we are relocating the business to West Central Minnesota. Not exactly “coastal” but still very creative…and that is what counts most. We’ve got a couple of opportunities waiting that we just can’t pass up and we’re heading back to the tundra to take advantage of opportunities that just don’t come around that often. That […]

Sample Blog Post for Demonstrations

This is a sample blog post for the purposes of demonstration. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent vitae risus ac tortor efficitur condimentum. Etiam erat lorem, sagittis eu ex eget, mollis dapibus nulla. Nulla at neque sem. Suspendisse fermentum lobortis sapien quis fringilla. Vivamus accumsan purus diam, sed laoreet sapien interdum id. Integer feugiat vel massa sit […]

Travel and Tourism

Whether you are looking for one-time or on-going travel/tourism copy and/or photography for your website or print publication, magazine or brochure, we can provide the copy you need in the voice that suits your style. Whether custom or stock photography you seek, our selections will perfectly match your message. Content and photography and at your direction, or let me “run […]

Copy Writing and Editing

Copy writing and editing is the bread and butter of the freelance writing services we do. From sports to home decor magazines, and food blogs to tourism brochures and weekly news updates, our services can be customized to your needs.