Freelance Writing

Copy writing and photo curation are the bread and butter of the freelance writing services we perform. A good story is always enhanced by a good image, or several, to accompany it. We can perform one of both of these services, at your request.

From sports to home decor magazines, and food blogs to tourism brochures and weekly news updates, our services can be customized to fit your needs.

Write WordsOur writing is guaranteed 100% original content (unless you’re seeking a content re-write or update).

We aren’t cheap, but the end result is worth it. Quality content written in an entertaining and engaging style is our forte.

If you prefer to keep your costs lower, we can engage off-shore resources through our company, on your behalf, and keep costs lower than if we are personally writing content from scratch. We add a service, management and editing fee that covers our time and take care of the payments to freelancers ourselves. You simply pay one fee to us. We make sure that the job gets done on-time and that you are able to build your library of content, but on a more modest budget.

Of course, we love to create content ourselves. Doing that, we ensure that the style and voice that you seek for your project are spot-on with very few re-writes, if any. Either way, we know that you’ll be pleased with the result.

We believe that images are an integral part of telling any story. In many cases, we are able to offer custom images for your project, if desired. We also work with several stock photo agencies and have access to millions of images, several of which are sure to convey your message appropriately.

a small sampling of some of our work

other projects

Food blog contributor for Fergus Falls Daily Journal

CSA Blog: Weekly basket use ideas blog complete with printable recipes and original photography. Large CSA with over 2500 members.

Newsletter content for Fergus Falls Chamber of Commerce: Stories about new members, business anniversaries, ribbon cuttings and the like. Copy edited this piece as well.